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Class 4-43 or Tikoy was under Mrs. Matilde Santos a nurturing, caring, soft spoken and 'game adviser. Tikoy was coined from a classmate whose moniker was "tikoy", family named Constantino (Roberto Jose see-photo). Unfortunately he transferred before graduating.

Tikoy 43 was a dynamic, vibrant, hilarious, talented and close class. Our section got the Excellence in Deportment Award and two trophies (for which, I also do not recall anymore). Class President was Manolito "Mr. Bangaw Shades" Anchores. The class musical arranger and eventually became the SBC High School Chorale Group Arranger and mentor was Tonton Africa. He also arranged the class's music pieces for the Chorale Fest (Silent Night ala acapella). Practices were held at Virgillo "Chet" Vergara's residence behind Centro Escolar University and V. Mapa High School. The class brains was Serafin Abundo who at the same time was the batch valedictorian. The class black belt karateka but gentle and alaskador giant was Arnold "arnulpo" Sanvictores. The class pet was Jimmy "spot, sapho" Sapungan. The class athletes were Hubert Bustos - track & field and Noel "lake, row four" Corpus - swimming. The atmosphere was jovial and relaxed, that, there were no status, gender(?) or any other boundaries to the class's interpersonal and collective relationship.

Memories of Tikoy 43:
Favorite English Teacher "OSJ" Olivia San Jose.
Favorite Spanish word "AKOPYAR"!
Favorite TV Game "ULO TV POW" with matching target sight drawn on the blackboard behind the teachers table. hahaha...
(by Emy de la Cruz)

Serafin Abundo Ton-ton Africa Manolito Anchores Tony Baquero
"smart guy" "music guy" "Class President" aka "happy guy"
Thor Barleta Arnold Besa Hubert Bustos Roland Cabrera
    NCAA - Track & Field  
Luis Chuidian Emmanuel Corpus Jonathan Cristobal Emmanuel "Tsong" Dela Cruz
  NCAA - Swimming team aka "humble guy" aka "the funny guy"
Benedict Dionisio Chin-chin Fernandez Julius Gamponia Jerry Garcia
  Editor - Cub Recorder aka "short, dark & handsome" "a mixture of respect and intellect"
Jonathan Herreria Martin Hilario Anthony de Leon Paul Lim
      Echoes '82 staff
Dama Lutera Cesar "Tetay" Manalaysay Jacinto Manalo Angel Mendoza
Norman Mendoza Kishen Mohnani Bobby Ng Nip Pangan
Echoes '82 staff aka "a guy of few words" "SBC golf team" "jack of all trades"
Joy Pangilinan Ronald Pavia Gus Reyes Fernando Reyes
  "a person of distinct character" "talented and responsible" "a genuine caring person"
Fernando del Rosario Rico Rubio Jona Sale Manny San Luis
Echoes '82 staff "silent type with a smile" President - Bedan forum NCAA Band team
Jimmy "JJ" Santos Winiefrel delos Santos Arnie Sanvictores Jaime Sapungan
SBC Shooting team   "NCAA football guy"  
Victor Uy Vic Velilia Chet Vergara Raymund Villarruz

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