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Class 4-41 or BULAG 41, (Adviser, Mr. Norberto Caberoy). Fourth year is the highlight of one's secondary education. Life is experienced first hand through the heart-aches and frustrations, as well as the elations and victories from post-puberty to adolescent years within the confines of the SBC campus. Looking back, San Beda's policy of "dismantling" homeroom classes every year was beneficial to everyone because it widened our circle of friends.

About 80% of 4-41 were classmates in lower years- be it home room, subject specific classes (Science, Math and English), electives (Spanish, Auto Mechanics, Statistics) and remedial classes, hence the camaraderie was evident. More so with our adviser, Mr. Norberto "Bing" Caberoy, who was also our theology teacher in our freshman/sophomore and even junior years. It was during this year when senti songs experienced a resurgence. Thanks to the songs of Lam Hall and Sharon Cuneta's first movie "Dear Heart" (how baduy could you get!!!). We had our taste of reality or victims of society's unequal distribution of wealth during our Bivouac in Tanay? We shared the campsite with Maryknoll and Ateneo. Their food may have tasted sumptuous compared to our almost non-palatable rations; their attire may have been extravagant by our middle income standards, but we sure had a grand time at Erap's camp site.

Bulag 4-41 had its share of brainy guys in the persons of Patrick Pena and Tony Fernando. The class also placed well in the Timpawitan and Christmas Chorale festivals. We also had our share of model platoons and MP's and NC athletes such as Ronnie Cunanan & Megui Geronimo. A high note of our final year was winning the NCAA Juniors Basketball crown. Thanks to the winning jump shot of Fitz Canilao of 4-42. We had more than our share of R&R. Who could ever forget the soiree with Saint Paul's QC at Richard Almeida's New Manila pad? Or the last class overnight outing at Al Yu's Batangas resort? The camaraderie of 4-41 is still there. Hopefully, the fire would be fanned further as the big day draws near. And I am certain with this! (By Anthony Felix de Castro)

Jun Agcaoili Harry Alcalde Ricky Almeida Tito Alvarez
aka "jazz freak" "studious guy" "basketball guy"  
Chuck Bataclan Manny Beato Andrew Caguioa Bobby Canta
"music guy" "sports guy"   aka " Kuya Brill"
Bob Castillo Fredric del Castillo Tony De Castro Ronnie Cunanan
"the artist"   "silent and intelligent guy" "basketball guy"
Conrado Decipida Tony Fernando Fernando Festin Raul Flores
"tennis guy" "Music guy"    
Hector Gatchalian Bobby Galinato Miguel "Jojo" Geronimo Mario Lasa
    aka "Disko King", NCAA Volleyball aka "NCAA Cheerleader"
Gary Lipana Alex Magat Rain Manera Gino Maniego
  "inclined with arts" "essay writer" aka "party guy and joker"
Jun Maramag Marlon Marjalino Arturo Martinez Junie Nabong
  aka "Tae Kwon Do guy" aka "party boy"  
Rommel Nayve Abet Nessia Lito Pagulayan Bently Pascual
Ricky Pena Peter Pica Joseph Pio de Roda Mel Salay
"Class President", Echoes '82 staff "music guy", Echoes '82 staff    
Sammy Sales Joel Sunga Eric Tiamson Sammy dela Torre
"a sports guy, smart & friendly"   "the cute guy"  
Pedro "Dodong" Uriarte Valentin "Beng" Verendia Aris Villanueva Al Yu
aka "simple guy" aka "invisible guy" Echoes '82 staff "the young entrepreneur"
  Jun Zafra  
  "chickboy ng Holy Spirit", Echoes '82 staff  

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